Business Today TV Show and Green Energy

The Business Today TV Show Explores Green Energy and renewal ways to power the office.


Ways to Bring Green Energy Into the Office

BT-Web-logoGoing green is trending. It is a hot buzzword that can help you market your business. Not only that, but it can actually save you some money. It can pay to make your office energy efficient, and the Business Today television program brings you some simple ways to do so.

First, change your light bulbs. Lighting technology has greatly increased the efficiency of energy consumption. Halogen incandescent bulbs, CFLs, and LEDs are some of the most common types of environmentally friendly lighting. These bulbs will save you on your electric bill, and the last longer than traditional bulbs.

Next, you should go paperless. Technology these days has essentially eliminated the need for paper in many situations. Emails, texts, or even voice memos are great alternatives to paper. Limiting your paper use will save you money on office supplies and reduce your carbon footprint.

Finally, promote commuting alternatives. If every employee in your office rode their bike or took a bus to work, how many cars would be off the road that day? You can encourage alternative forms of transportation by providing bike racks and bas passes to employees.

Taking these simple steps will put your office on a road toward environmental efficiency. You will find that there are very few downsides to going green. It saves you money and also brings your business into hip and trendy society.

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