In View Series Working on New Reporting for 2015

In View Series Working on New Reporting for 2015
In view airs on cable networks around the country.

The In View series continues to be the source for groundbreaking programming on the advances in our world that are changing how we live. In a number of fields, the brightest minds in our country are developing new ways that will allow us to better prepare for the future.

In the medical field, new advances are helping doctors better treat diseases, illnesses, and injuries. New breakthroughs in pharmaceuticals are playing an important role in enhancing the prognosis for people with a wide range of conditions.

In education, technology is playing an important role in preparing America’s students for the future. In classrooms across the country, students are engaging their subjects in new ways and collaborating with their classmates to learn collaboratively.

New ways of investing money are also explored on In View with Larry King. As Baby Boomers leave the workforce year after year, many are finding it important that they continue to grow their wealth so that they can live the retirement that they want.

This show is exploring how today’s new ideas in a number of fields are becoming tomorrow’s reality. For more information on the show, check local listings for airtimes on great cable networks like Fox Business and Discovery.