The In View Series Shares Stories About the Environment

Environmental Stories Featured on the In View Show

With the public paying more attention to environmental issues, subjects and trends, the In View series hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) has reviewed some subjects related to the environment in recent months. Producers of the cable TV program In View with Larry King (855-446-8439), which is carried on cable networks and cable channels across the country, have found stories about companies that have introduced “green” products and services, and have also shown viewers stories about energy-efficiency and alternative energy sources. Producers of the In View show, which features TV legend Larry King as its host, identify intriguing anecdotes and stories all across Canada and the United States. Producers for the show include associate producer Hema Krishan, senior associate producer Joel Walters, associate producer Karla Sullivan, associate producer David Kent and associate producer Rachel Van Drake.

Series Reaches Viewers Across the United States

In View hosted by Larry King, which has run on major cable TV channels, reaching millions of TV households across the country, features upbeat stories about a broad collection of subjects.  In View series producers like associate producer Diane Shandler, associate producer Andrew Wohl, associate producer Seth Goldberg and associate producer Courtney Lovejoy find intriguing and interesting stories about health, medicine, business, technology, societal trends and more.

In addition to environmental stories, the In View TV series has recently featured stories about the American military, military veterans and community banks, among other subjects. The show highlighted companies that make efforts to fill open positions with military veterans, as well as a larger effort to hire veterans known as the 100,000 Jobs Mission.